Services Offered

Classes are grouped by methods of construction. While for many hand building is considered an easy introduction to ceramics, there are those who like the challenges of learning how to manipulate clay on a potters wheel. If this is your first time trying your hand at pottery, the following will explain the differences. 

Hand Building

In hand building, potters design and create with pliable clay. It is how people first began making ceramics and it is an easy and satisfying way to make ceramics. In hand building you learn how to make items such as plates, bowls, sculpture, boxes and much more by using pinch pots, coils and slabs of clay. 


Wheel Throwing 

Wheel throwing is about balancing clay on a spinning platform. Potters learn how to maintain and form the clay into desired shapes and sizes. While it requires practice and coordination, it does make production of ceramics quicker than hand building. 



Seven-Week Course

Over the length of seven three-hour classes, students will create works from clay under the guidance of an experienced instructor. The price of the course includes all clay and glazes. 


1-Hour Intro Class

For a fun introduction to ceramics, we offer opportunities to learn with a small group. Whether anyone has worked with ceramics in summer camp, or as a college elective, or never touched clay before, this activity is perfect for couples, families or friends to try out.​


Children Classes

Our studio includes classes for children and young adults to explore the wonderful properties of clay. In the creation of ceramics, youngsters have an outlet for self-expression and gain confidence building through creative endeavors.


Ceramics is a diverse medium for functional and decorative items. In our workshops, individuals can learn one of many types of decorating or construction methods not typically covered in our seven-week courses.


Independent Studio Artist

Experienced potters are welcomed to work in our facility for the duration of each two-month semester. Knowledge of ceramic practices is necessary for enrollment. All studio clays and glazes are included. We offer mid-range high fire (cone 6) clay in buff and white stoneware, as well as low fire red or white earthenware. Underglazes are available as well, or the artist can provide their own materials. We fire bisque to cone 04 and glaze fire at cone 05 and cone 6. 


We offer events for both adults and children in large or small groups. 

Birthday celebration, a girls' night out, casual get-together, or a holiday party.

We can accommodate up to 12 people for wheel activities, and 20 people for hand building.