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Adult Beginner’s Wheel Class

In this 7-week course, students learn the skill of centering and evenly distributing clay to make cups, bowls, and plates, as well as the application of handles.  Gaining control of these skills further prepares each student for more advanced techniques. The course also includes instruction in glazing techniques. No previous experience is required. This class is a good option for those with previous experience to refresh their basic skills.

Adult Advanced Wheel Class

This 7-week course builds upon the skills learned in a beginner’s wheel class, and introduces new concepts that can include making ceramic sets, as well as bottles, pouring vessels, lidded vessels, closed forms, and more. Prior experience and a level of competency is required.

Block Workshop Time


At The Potter’s Wheel, currently enrolled adult students and artists can utilize the facilities of the studio for their independent pursuits during times of normal operation, when classes are not meeting. It is $15 for each 3 hour block, which includes access to all equipment and areas dedicated to either hand building, wheel throwing, or glazing.





Adult Hand Building Class


This 7-week course focuses on techniques that include the use of pinch pots, coils, slabs, and extruded forms to make open and lidded containers, vases, cups, figures, bowls, trays, plates, teapots, wall-pockets, clocks, etc. An overview of ceramic materials, surface treatments and glazing is included. Students are encouraged to innovate and follow their creative vision. No experience is required.


Adult Advanced Hand Building Class

This 7-week course expands on the techniques that are mastered in our non-advanced Hand Building class. A refresher overview of ceramic materials, surface treatments and glazing is included. Prior experience and a level of competency is required.

Annual Session and Class Schedules


Each session runs for 7 weeks. Please note that class scheduling does take major holidays into account, so that you may find a class does not meet one week mid-session, that would be the reason.  In that event, the session will be extended to 8 weeks, to ensure that all 7 classes meet, if time allows. If not, that class will be shortened to 6 weeks.

The length can vary, but the Potter’s Wheel tries to schedule a break between sessions.

We do not refund for missed classes. 

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