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Located in central Queens, The Potter’s Wheel has been teaching and instructing thousands of people like you in the ceramic arts for more than 40 years. Initially started in Forest Hills, we moved to Kew Gardens where we have played a significant role for 30 years in the lives of many in this close-knit neighborhood. As a community of deeply committed artists, we provide a venue for the pursuit of the ceramic arts for all ages in a thriving and creative environment.


Class sessions for all levels of experience are offered every two months throughout the year. We promote awareness of the cultural impact of the ceramic arts and believe that it enriches our appreciation of every day experiences, restores our inner creative energies and calms our senses from an often over-stimulating world.


Classes are grouped by methods of construction. While for many hand building is considered an easy introduction to ceramics, there are those who like the challenges of learning how to manipulate clay on a potter's wheel. If this is your first time trying your hand at pottery, the following will explain the differences. 

Unfortunately, due to time & size constraints, our services are only available to those we have signed up for our 7 week long sessions. We do, however, have a small gallery where the work of our talented students is on display for sale! 

Hand Building

In hand building, potters design and create with pliable clay. It is how people first began making ceramics and is an easy and rewarding way to make ceramic objects. In hand building you learn to make items such as plates, bowls, sculpture, boxes and much more by using pinch pots, coils and slabs of clay. 

Wheel Throwing

When throwing on a wheel, the clay is balanced in the center of a round spinning platform. Students learn to maintain and form the clay into a myriad of desired shapes and sizes to create bowls, vases, plates, cups, vessels, etc. While it requires practice and coordination, the endless possibilities of shapes you can make and the swiftness of creation is remarkably rewarding.

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