A New Year and a New Phase

Progress in 2012. Updates and changes in the studio. Our fourth kiln has been installed & the first glaze fire was unloaded this morning. It all looks great! So now we have two kilns dedicated for bisquing and two kilns dedicated for glaze fire. The entire area is now organized more efficiently with each section separated for ease and clarity. The common pick up shelves have made a big hit while giving an opportunity to view other potters’ work. The wheel area has the new addition of shelving for potters’ thrown pots. The 24 linear feet gives everyone much more space while working on multiple pieces.
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5 Responses to A New Year and a New Phase

  1. Ellen Kanner says:

    Hi everyone ! I was wondering, since the weather has been so warm this season if a raku firing will be offered before the spring ? I’d love to start working with the raku clay and am starting to think about raku ideas. Thanks for any input.

  2. Edeolinda says:

    thanks a lot for sharing this. heard about something like this for the first time.

  3. Blanche says:

    i’m seeing the site only now and really loved it! i love your post is so cool!

  4. Claudilene says:

    good post.

    • Muncuel says:

      I read, once, that true art affects the viweer. When I hold a piece of pottery, I am affected I feel the connection to the earth and the potter I admire the curves and the artistry involved in providing not just a functional piece but a beautiful piece. When one enters a museum of art, there will typically be pieces of pottery things from ancient civilizations. We call them art.My personal opinion is that anything made by hand is art whether it is a quilt for a baby, a painting or pottery! It is that unique piece which started in a person’s mind and through their hands, becomes an object. That is different from the factory pieces where hundreds of the very same thing are turned out without uniqueness without the human touch.By the way the piece in the picture is lovely! You are an artist!