Gifts of the season

Despite the unseasonably warm temperatures, signs of the holiday season are everywhere. People are bustling, and the studio is busy. Soon I will be opening a glaze kiln so that it can be unloaded. No matter how many times I’ve done it there is always this feeling of happiness and excitement akin to the holiday. Running the studio is, in fact, a gift and it’s so gratifying to share it with others. So off I go, it’s a new day and the results of the latest glaze firing will be revealed.


Here are photos submitted by Loretta.


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9 Responses to Gifts of the season

  1. Loretta Tedeschi Cuoco says:

    What a warm and nurturing atmosphere! The Potter’s Wheel is an oasis of calm and creativity in an all-too-chaotic world. Even as a beginner, I feel welcome and encouraged to practice, explore and discover the endless possibilities of working with clay. There’s such an abundance of talented individuals…Denise, Audrey, Meg, Tom… ready to share their advice (and underglazes) lead by the ever-amazing Grace. Thanks for guiding me through the process of glazing my “Tuscany Platter”. It made such a wonderful gift!

  2. Hi Loretta, you couldn’t have said it better. Thank you so much for mentioning my name, and it was wonderful to see you so happy with your glazing results.

  3. It was a wonderful day at the studio today. First taught class and we all were busy and focused on our projects. Then at open house, we had potters working, potters visiting and people coming in to buy wonderful one of a kind pieces. We are all fortunate to have such a wonderful oasis to create, feel at peace and make new friends. Thank you, Grace.

  4. We will be starting an Empty Bowl Project. We are asking potters to create and donate bowls in order to contribute funds to feed the hungry. The term “empty bowl” signifies the countless adults and children who literally have empty bowls – no food, The proceeds will go to a charity – a soup kitchen. Again, thank you Grace for plunging into this worthy cause.

    • Loretta Tedeschi Cuoco says:

      Hey Audrey, Denise told us about the Empty Bowl Project during Monday night’s class. What a wonderful way to give to the community.
      Thanks for giving us the chance to participate, Grace. I look forward to
      throwing a bowl or two for the cause!

  5. Loretta Tedeschi Cuoco says:

    Greetings all!

    Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful holiday with family and friends! How fun it was to have some treasures from the Potter’s Wheel wrapped up under the tree. My mother-in-law can’t wait to use the beautiful berry bowl expertly crafted by Ms Matis. You can imagine their surprise when my husband and daughter opened the creations handcrafted by yours truly. Frankly, I never expected to make anything “presentable” so soon in my potting career but through Denise’s instruction, patience and humor, it was possible. Thanks, teach!

    I look forward to my next semester of throwing at the Wheel filled with taller pieces with thinner walls that weigh less….or am I confusing that with my New Years’ resolution for personal fitness?

    Wishing you all a New Year of health and good things!

  6. Elisandra says:

    good post.

  7. Clairta says:

    the blog was absolutely fantastic! lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need

  8. Audrey Cooper says:

    The Potter’s Wheel continues to be a place to create and to leave worries behind. Students and teachers alike have been producing beautiful works and are always on the lookout for new methods and designs in working with clay. The friendly atmosphere contributes to making the studio a place of creativity, peace and harmony.